Creating a plan with, through and beyond COVID

Capitalise on COVID

Welcome the pandemic’s possibilities through your potential.

By embracing the COVID journey, resolving its real, building additional dynamic resilience, returning to the next normal with relevant expectations, you can reimagine and refine your value and impact.

The COVID Calm Retreat can set off an increase of your effectiveness by 88%, assist you to achieve an average monetary return on investments over six times. In addition, you can transform your business and life with the significant intangible benefits retreat-coaching brings, boosting your overall impact by 788%.


Revive your Soul

We face a global crisis

The crisis is killing people, spreading human suffering, and upending people’s lives. It is a health, human, economic and social crisis. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is attacking societies and people at their core.

The COVID Calm Retreat acts as a defibrillator. Through the focused intervention in the Carus Gardens tranquil environment, you receive a high energy exhilarating challenge. This essential lifesaving shock to your ecosystem sets you up for surviving the economic and social impact of the COVID pandemic.

As you develop new skills, habits and thinking patterns about the issues and goals, you prioritise the defibrillation of realisation, decision making, and release accelerates you.


Change can be scary

The COVID Calm retreat offers a perfect transformation opportunity as you are doing it with others with a similar mindset for win-win-win goals

The COVID Calm Retreat is ideal for;

  1. High-Performing Individuals
  2. Professionals (Engineers, Lawyers, Actuaries,
    Accountants, Architects)
  3. Human Capital practitioners
  4. Business Leaders
  5. Small Business
  6. Entrepreneurs
  7. Individuals caring for others (Teachers, single parents,
    medical personnel)


Escape your tiresome routine

The COVID Calm Retreat sets itself apart in its specific intent.

This intent is the focus you choose but do not allocate time to address.
Focus areas could include;

  1. Creating financial stability
  2. Getting unstuck
  3. Recovering from burn-out
  4. Navigating change and uncertainty
  5. Healing strained relationships
  6. Self-development
  7. Set, review and develop a career and business goal
    action plans
  8. Dealing with depression, anxiety and thoughts of
  9. Distance from your current situation to think clearly
    and bring things into perspective
  10. Quality time with yourself and nature so you can
  11. Time to reflect on a recent experience you want to
    talk about without judgement.


The COVID Calm Secret

The COVID Calm Retreat include pieces of training, exercises, and coaching sessions by experts.

The experts invite you to see your blind posts and help you improve your business, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Sessions are per your needs and enable you to improve your well-being while at the retreat, also equipping you with information and techniques that you can use to remain in wellness after the retreat is over.

About your retreat host

As an Executive META and Systemic, Individual and Team Coach, Matt’s success focuses on bringing increased collaboration, diminishing complexity, enhancing people networks, influencing stakeholder engagement, and impacting business results.

The systemic model he uses for sustainable results comprises the integration of Business, Brand, and People synthesis through Change, Culture, Science, Technology, and Biology. The tools of this model include neuroscience, physiology (mind-musclewellbeing integration), positive psychology (cognitivebehavioural science), organisational and people systems, business and brand practices ensuring change is current and congruent. The immersion of more than 4,000 hours of coaching experience, academic study, and extensive training solidify his coaching, consultation, and facilitation skills and abilities.


What you can expect at the retreat is to

  1. find a renewed passion for personal mastery
  2. extend your flexibility to deal with ambiguity and disruptive change
  3. experience creative thinking
  4. access the ability to operationalise innovation
  5. challenge your analytical, problem solving and inquiry skills
  6. increase your ability to deal with complex issues
  7. manoeuvre and migrate between detail and highlevel requirements
  8. develop the faculty to influence and negotiate with impact
  9. build the proficiency in optimising business performance


The pains of COVID

The impact of COVID somehow stripped our accountability.


Meaning, when you are authentically vulnerable regarding accountability, you will learn to eliminate the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behaviour.

The COVID Calm Retreats enables you to become accountable for your actions, effectively teaching you to value your work and as such, increase your skills and confidence. At the COVID Calm Retreat you will also learn to:

  1. Address the feeling, and the reality of being stuck
  2. Learn to deconstruct overwhelm
  3. Face the loss and grief you suffered during the
    pandemic emotionally, relationally and financially.
  4. Free yourself from feeling trapped and out of

We are in this together

The COVID Calm Retreat attract people with similar concerns or interests.

This offers you the opportunity to spend memorable moments with like-minded people who are looking to achieve the same goals as you.

These people act as your support system as you work toward your goal and also act as a mirror to help you identify issues that you couldn’t have on your own. Most importantly, they let you realise that you are not alone.

The COVID Calm Retreat also provide you the opportunity to make friends that you can remain in touch with even after you return home. This gathering of similar people is not characteristic to regular vacations.


About the retreat

The aspects of the COVID Calm Retreat at Carus Gardens are all in line with what you are seeking to achieve.

From the location, accommodation, food, facilities, professional consultation, activities and exercises en sure that it is much more impactful and long-lasting than break-aways, where you are more apt to binge, gossip, and probably still spend time finishing work.

One of the most significant advantages of the COVID Calm Retreat is that it offers you proximity to nature and its healing touch. Being close to nature reduces the production of cortisol—our primary stress hormone. Moreover, clean air, calm surroundings, and plants allow you to unwind and thoroughly rejuvenate so that you can have a fresh start to your life upon return.


To be – or not to be…

Are you ready to let go of your scepticism, comfort zone, disappointment, and victim mentality?

T here is only one person standing between you and your dreams, and that’s you. Join the COVID Clam Retreat at Carus Gardens and turn your attention to your strengths and overflowing potential.

Please contact the Program Consultant, Hugo Kruger for available dates from October 2021 and 2022 onwards.


COVID Calm Retreat


07:00 Arrival 12:30 Mind-muscle connection – movement
07:15 Registration and morning refreshments 13:00 Sensory lunch
07:45 Welcome and briefing 14:00 Creating harmony – teaching
08:30 The fundamentals of change – teaching 14:45 Reflection and self work
09:00 Choosing your work – teaching 15:30 Commitment – Dyad work
09:30 Reflection and self work 16:15 Mid-afternoon refreshments
10:00 Group reflection and shared learning 16:45 Meditation and aromatherapy – self discovery
10:30 Mid-morning refreshments 17:30 Shared learning – facilitated coaching
11:00 Creating the plan – teaching 18:00 Program close
11:45 Reflection and self work 19:00 Dinner (for accommodation guests)


Retreat Packages

(Only 10 places available per retreat)

Accommodation Package
only 3 double rooms available
Day Visitor Package
ZAR 1,997 per person sharing
ZAR 2,997 Single
ZAR 997 per person
One-night stay at the 4-Star Carus Gardens Award Winning Country House Arrival and Mid-morning refreshments, lunch, and mid-afternoon refreshments.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinners with morning and afternoon break refreshments. Movement, meditation, reflection, teaching and coaching in group and individual sessions.
Movement, meditation, reflection, teaching and coaching in group and individual sessions. Electronic course material.
Electronic course material.  



Speak with your Program Consultant

Hugo Kruger